Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I Love About Working in a Library

I saw a recent article about the crazy and creepy side of working in a library and it made me sad. The woman who shared her stories quit working in libraries because she didn't like the discomfort of all the craziness. You can read her story here if you would like. Her stories are not uncommon, we have had variations of these situations happen in Sycamore.

I like to notice the good stuff that happens. Here are a few things that happened at the library this past week.

A couple from out of town came into the library to see about getting a map of a bike trail. As we talked to them about their plans, I suggested that they might want to take a tour of Sycamore and DeKalb on our bike trails and see NIU. I located a local map of the area, gave them directions and suggestions and sent them on their way. A few hours later, they came back to thank me for everything. They had had a wonderful time and were hot and happily exhausted.

The next day, I was in my office for a few minutes and a patron called to let me know that Evelyn had given her great service. She said that she always gets good service at the library, but today, this nice young woman, have gone above and beyond.

We just opened up the remodeled section of the library and Friday was the first day for everyone to see all that had been completed over the last 8 weeks. Everyone loved the new colors and all the extra space. I saw a young girl had found a table and made it into a little reading cave for herself. Many of the children have been searching out their hand prints on the temporary wall. It was a busy and pleasant day in the new children's department.

United Way gave us a hand by sending over 15 DeKalb County Liners baseball players to help us move furniture. Things that would have taken a day or two to move on our own were moved in a couple of hours.

I believe when we see the good around us, more good will appear and the crazy and creepy fade away.

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